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I’ve been having tooth pain for quite a bit now, and I’ve been to the dentist. This particular tooth has had a root canal. In my X-ray it showed a small darkened spot under my tooth which they said was the infection. This tooth is located on the side right after my front bottom teeth. I’ve taken penicillin which did not seem to have any effect. So the doctor said that the infection won’t spread because of where it is. I’m having a hard time believing that, I was always taught untreated infection can spread to the brain or to your blood. But my dentist said it won’t because it it’s location. But it’s still hurting. We’re going to put a cap on it but I’m kindve scared of becoming septic or dying or something lol. ADVICE please from someone in the dental field? Thank you

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    well, that first thing that we should understand why there's a darkened spot or called radio-lucency on the root tip and what does that mean? that means there's an infection and the root canal that had been done before wasn't successful or the filling after the root canal wasn't done properly, I believe retreatment must be performed before putting any caps, antibiotic isn't the solution, antibiotics prescribed only in very particular cases like if the patient has systematic symptoms, I think your dentist has chosen the easy way which in my opinion the wrong one. The other question will the infection spread to your blood and brain thus kill you? The answer simply it won't, you said you have taken penicillin and that will prevent any possible complication, the other thing that we should consider is the location of the tooth, generally, infections that occur in the front lower teeth wouldn't cause any serious complications because the adjacent anatomical structures have no direct connection with a vital organ like the brain and even if the infection spread it will cause abscess under the gums in most cases, to understand better what i mean by the decisiveness of the anatomic relationships take for instance, upper wisdom teeth, severe infection in those areas would cause horrible complications because they are near an anatomic area called infratemporal space which could lead to a brain abscess another example severe infections in upper canines could cause a type of abscess called fossa Canina abscess if left untreated a serious complication called thrombosis cavernous sinus would occur, but again all those conditions still very rare to happen, so in your case i think it's very simple ordinary tooth infection there's nothing to worry about, but you need to talk with your dentists about what you think and what you want i recommend to see another dentist.   

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