According to the Prophet Muhammad (prayer and salvation of God be upon him): the Muslim does not harm others. What relationship with faith?

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  • 2 months ago
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    The one who is being called a Muslim is the one who belief and practice his life as according to the teaching of Islam, since Islam teach, being a good person or having belief alone  is not yet enough, but to be kind and be the helping hands to  assist others in deliverances them from their troubles , for the sake of GOD , is being promoted in the sight of GOD. Since GOD promise to reward those who are the helping hands or upper hands with many folds of merits , whether one become successful in helping them or not, as long as one helps them is good enough. So Prophet Muhammad (Please and blessing of GOD be upon him and his family) teach all the believers and practice goodness that , do to others as you would wish others do to yourself, if one harms or killed others unjustly, then as if he/she harm or killed the whole mankind. In harming others unjustly is a sin commit to mankind ,then the one who commit that crime need to ask for forgiveness from the concerned person ,if he forgive then GOD would forgive him too and vice versa. May GOD prevent and protect us from violating the rights of others people and also protect us from the evils of the damn satan, Oh GOD, the Lord of all the worlds.

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