How would you react ladies?

So let’s assume that your single but not looking for a commited relationship, your horny enough though that your willing to be a desperate guys **** buddy.

At a bar/pub, you notice this one guy and he seems like he has never got laid a day in his life, but you won’t make the first move, he appears to have alot of negative things going on in his head because he’s on his 12th light beer, one guy notices you looking at that dude and just says “Scoping out a potenial boyfriend or fuckbuddy?”

You just say “Well a fuckbuddy but at the moment, I just wanna know what has him drinking 12 light beers”

Guy just walks over and begins striking up a casual conversation from where your sitting, but before you know it, the guy you were mildly sexually intrigued by get off his chair and stumbles for the front door, as he opens it, he collapses on the floor, unconsious.

You and the guy that conversed with him walked him home, fortunately his licence has his address on it making getting him home easy, after he is put in bed, and laid on his side, you look for a clean bucket, you find it and put it beside his bed, you then grab a sticky note, Write your name and mobile number on it and write “You seem like you need to get laid, send me a text”

3 days pass before he texts you saying “I did’nt notice the sticky note till I cleaned around my bed, and truth being told, yeah I do need to get laid asI never have been, but I warn you, I’m a wild horse 😉”

How would you reply?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    well i wouldnt talk to the other guy if i liked him. But i would be like thanks for the message. i was drunk? or u were serious. then talk ur instagram etc. he will want details . then thats it then u can figure out

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