Did I ruin my chances of getting back with ex gf?

She broke up with me and I was super needy and obsessed with her, love notes, flowers etc.week later we run into each other and she was insanely excited to see me and wanted us to hangout, but just as friends..we went for a long walk and she was the happiest person alive as well as i.but next day she still called me strictly her friend and said shes extremely stubborn..days later she asked if I wanted to go for another walk and we did, went off amazing..holding each other all night etc.day after strictly friends and she started acting weird..so I told her that we need to stop talking bc I couldn't see us as friends and more as a couple.Well I said the same thing a few days before that as well so she got upset and said"if you're not gonna stand by you not talking to me than I'll make sure we won't talk and I'll help by ignoring you".so I realized this and next day I simply texted her im over chasing her, over buying her stuff, over not feeling loved when thsts all I ever wanted was to get love in return, said she crushed my heart n soul etc etc.really laying it all out for her and letting her know that I simply gotta stop feelomg this heartache daily..told her im done with talking to her for a long long time so I can figure myself out..i haven't talked to her since..did I ruin my chances of getting back with her?prior to breakup we were so in love, wanting to have kids together and marriage and everything.we finally found true happiness and love from each other

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Er, sounds like she's a little manipulative. Think I'd walk away from that one. If she wants a relationship she'd have it with you. Pining after her obviously isn't working, sounds like she just wants the attention :/

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