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Will Biden say be in a restaurant eating without a mask but can't be outside in a stadium with a mask ?

other than you are probably in a systemically racist Democrat city and the rich athletes are afraid BLM might loot and burn the concession stands because they support slavery in China?



I see you defend the policies that you acknowledge is can't be outside in a huge stadium with a mask and social distancing but you can be inside without a mask for long periods of time...thank you for agreeing the stupidity of the Democrats who cram this kind of stupid down our throats because then like the power and their people weak, alone, and afraid.

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  • Spence
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    1 month ago

    What a bunch of nonsense.  I get my news from Infowars so I can see what a F#ckshow the Chicoms & the Globalists are jamming down our throats.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I've yet to see a restaurant require you to wear a mask WHILE eating. 

    All the ones I've been in require masks.

    But all the ones I've been in require masks... when you're not eating at your table, while they leave every other table vacant on purpose. 

    Maybe it's just my odd experience.

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