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Trump caught paying kids to spew his talking points. Trump pays people to attend rallies. Why does Trump have to pay people to support him?

Here's what happened when Trump got over-confident and didn't pay people to attend his Oklahoma rally.  Same thing happened in Arizona when Trump was so sure people would pack the place and then no one showed up.


"without evidence" = a picture proving the point. You might want to google this: "The Trump campaign paid a contractor who then hired a subcontractor, Extra Mile Casting, to provide services at the 16 June 2015 rally where Donald Trump announced he would run for U.S. president."  Glad I could help ya out with your homework just like your mommy used to, Ivan.

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    I can take a picture of my azz and tell everyone its yours too.

    As usual, you have made another accusation without evidence. 

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    Well, he had to pay someone to marry him, so what's so surprising about this?

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