I don’t like the answers the forum gave me. Obviously my problem is their fault, since they did not provide the answers I wanted. Can I sue?

I’ve been appointed to speak of the behalf of the posters who have been wrongfully given free advice. I along with many others, being owed the answers that remove any responsibility from us, feel we should not have to stand for this any longer. From now on during the playing of the sites rules and regulations I will take a paw in protest. I’m top kitty cause my litter box don’t stink at all! 

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1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Your so right top kitty! 

    PS sorry to hear about last week and your 7th life being taken. Send my meow to Mr. kitty cat tell him we missed him at last weeks cat nip anonymous meeting. He is not back on the nip is he? 

    Source(s): My next door neighbors blue trash can
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