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My bf hangs out with other girls ?

So my bf told me this girl needed help studying and they were going to do it thru zoom. But he had to work so they decided to meet up in person. I know she likes him and the subject she needs help in he isn’t well versed in. I don’t want to control him and I know I should trust him but it pisses me off. What can I do. This girl isn’t super attractive but I obviously need to work on my self esteem. I’m super shy and don’t have a lot of friends. Most people don’t approach me because I look intimidating. I get told I’m pretty all the time but I was an ugly duckling growing up so I don’t believe it. I digress, should I be ok with my bf hanging out with this girl that likes him. I know he doesn’t like her but he comes off as flirty. That’s his personality. My second question is how to make myself feel better. My self esteem is in the all time low and I have trouble approaching people and making friends. Plus with covid no one wants to talk to a stranger. 

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    I had a boyfriendturnedhusband that did that type of thing all the time. Truth is, the garbage usually takes itself out. He was a cheat and eventually, I finally caught on. You can't control him or her. If he thinks what he's doing is ok even though it's not very sensitive toward you, perhaps you are too good for him.

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    If you're uncomfortable with the boyfriend's behavior and social life, then move on because he's not for you

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    great story bro

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