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Can you believers explain?

So god hand picked trump. So much for free will. Aren't you Christians always about oh my god the reason evil exist is cause he we have free will. But if god is hand selecting the president isn't he overriding our free will? Isn't that taking free will away. Does that undo your whole argument against evil?

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    No, he didn't.  Americans who justly feared Hillary Clinton elected President Trump.

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    I no argue that man has [autonomous] free will because it is not a biblical doctrine.  Man has a will, but apart from the grace of God, it is a will that is enslaved to sin.  So the premise of your question falls apart if you don't believe that humans have [autonomous] free will.

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    God is not preventing you or anyone from voting for someone other than Donald Trump, so your free will is unaffected. That said, God also has free will, as well as the power to bring about whatever outcome he desires.

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    Not being American, I was under the impression that their president was voted in by the people. It just shows how wrong the BBC can be.

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    I don't believe that God hand picked Trump.

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