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What to do about my German Shepherd ?

My neighbors dogs often bark at my dogs through the fence causing all the dogs to run the fence barking. My dogs never attacked the fence or anything, but one of their dogs got into my yard while they were all barking.

The dog that got in was grabbed by my Shepherd and was being dragged farther into my yard.

When I ran over and yelled he let go. The other dog ran back to the fence and my Shepherd chased her, I was able to get between them before he got her again and he backed off. 

The other dog is okay no stitches required, but I don't know what to do about the attack. Our neighbors aren't pressing charges because they know our dogs aren't aggressive.

I know that I should muzzle him on walks and we have patched all the holes in our fences. But is their anything else I should know to do with him?

He is a year and a half and we have never had any aggression issues. He is well trained and listens to any command I give. He never bits and love to snuggle up to me. He does hide behind me when he feel threatened and will bark, typically at strangers.

He is upto date on all of his shots and has never displayed aggressive behavior before. (I know Shepherds are working dog used for protection) he loves to snuggle me and never bites when we play and he is very well behaved on our walks. 

Is the some sort of training I should be doing with him to make sure this doesn't happen again? Any advice would be appreciated thank you.

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    Dogs can be pretty territorial about their own yards ('their turf') and that's more of a protective than aggressive behavior.

    Even though your dogs 'know' these other dogs (from having seen them) they don't actually KNOW from having MET them, checked them out, and assuring themselves that those other dogs are friends, not threats.

    Talk to your neighbor and see if you can arrange for your dogs and theirs to meet up with one another on neutral territory (a short walk together down and back the road you live on is fine) to give the dogs enough time to meet and sniff and get to know each other a bit.

    I really don't think your dog needs to be muzzled.  I think he needs more socialization (which is difficult right now, I know) and to be exposed to more situations where he will encounter other people and other dogs.  Your dog is probably more reactive than aggressive and he's still a very young dog and highly trainable.

    (A muzzled dog in public says to me, either 'I am dangerous and cannot be trusted' or 'My owner is lazy and cannot be bothered to train me')

    If you haven't already done it, sign your dog up for a set (or 2) of puppy kindergarten classes (basic training and socialization) which are great fun for the dog, even an adult dog, and informative for the owner and will help you know what to do to prevent a further problem, or quickly intervene and defuse such a situation if it ever happens again.

    The GSD is a very intelligent breed and enjoys training and learning and is highly receptive to navigating new situations and challenges.  I think your dog is probably fine, just made a mistake one time, and needs to be taught a better way to handle that situation.

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    Be prepared to take responsibility and ensure that your German Shepherd gets the required amount of exercise if you are planning to get one. They are not like little poodles that you can carry around and pet all day. German Shepherds like to play it rough, whether affection or otherwise.

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    Try to socialize your dog better. In any case, there is nothing criminal about your dog biting the neighbor's dog. They could sue you for their vet bills, but they would have to show it was your fault their dog got in the yard. If you keep the fence repaired, everything should be ok. And they can ONLY sue you for the vet bills, not for a million bucks to punish you somehow.

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    a dog should not be able to get into your yard. There must be something wrong with fence

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    The problem is you have a fearful or timid dog - who did not get socialization with other dogs during the first 16 weeks & must never have gone to puppy training classes with you, OR he inherited a weak temperament.  Sadly, you have missed most of your opportunity to increase the dog's comfort & confidence level, although I would still look for outdoor obedience classes, if possible, to get him around other dogs in a safe controlled situation.  I would NOT muzzle a fearful dog out in public if he is not a danger to people.

    BTW, your neighbors have NO RIGHT to sue you, if their dog got into or came into YOUR YARD, regardless of getting bitten!  Learn the law!

    I would also invest in a solid wood fence (or visual) barrier inside YOUR property line on the common side where the dogs fence fight.  NOT being able to see each other, can help cut the barking and aggression.  .A double fence line, also helps decrease the likelihood of fence "failures".

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    What color is he?

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