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How can he be so evil? ?

I took my bf back after he cheated, he proposed and I completely cut out all the guys that had great interest in me. Now they are all gone because they think I’m getting married or they are hurt I took him back. 6 months later he start his bull crap again and they are back like they use to be he is disrespecting me. I don’t have proof he is cheating but I can feel it. We aren’t even engaged anymore he seems as if he doesn’t even want to marry me. He doesn’t care whether we are engaged or not but he begged and begged and cried. I feel like he just wants to ruin me and doesn’t want me to find Better. I feel so alone now idk what to do. I have no family except an aunt and no friends 

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    1 month ago

    Learn from this, once a cheater, always a cheater.

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    What about the army of guys that were there, were gone, and are back? You have a job, yes? It's doubtful he "wants to ruin me" but it's highly likely that he is simply not able to treat you decently and with respect. His problem. Don't make it yours anymore. Some lessons are hard for the learning. My husband was a lousy husband to THREE women before we met and, because of that, I knew him for 5 years before we wed and he figured out, finally, that being good to me resulted in a happy life. I now have the man his first three wives wish they'd had. To my husband's distress.... took him three failed marriages to figure it out. Not patience. I bet that two of his wives were patient and put up with too much until it wasn't possible anymore. Took him a long time to learn. You bf might be a decade and two marriages away from being who you thought and hoped he could be. But maybe won't be because that's not who he is. Don't stick around. Don't stick around waiting and hoping and wishing and wondering. It might not ever happen!  Don't stick around. Call your Aunt. And then figure it out for yourself how you allowed yourself to be in this position.  

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    How can he be so evil? Because he knows he can treat you like that and you will still be there. 

    Go. You are not engaged anymore. You are not married So if this isn't where you want to be go be somewhere else, even if it means being by yourself right now. 

    Also make an effort to be friends with other people. Then you won't feel so alone. Have a chat with the people at work, the shops, the Coffee Shop or where ever. Put yourself out there, not for a relationship necessarily, but as friends. 

    Why not contact some of those great guys, and see if they would like to be a friend too. 

    Expand your circle of friendship then you won't feel so alone or trapped. 

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    I was married to a man I suspected of cheating for a while before I had found out that he was indeed cheating for years. And I said the exact words you did to a friend: "I feel like he just wants to ruin me". This is your warning bell, get OUT! You are the one who had to augment your life yet you aren't the cheater, he is!! He is selfish, and yes he will ruin your life. He is just begging and crying because he doesn't want to be alone and it's hard to find a good woman. But once you leave he will try to find another sweet soul who will accept the crap he pulls. 

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    The same way you can be so foolish.

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