Emergency nursing home placement?

I’m so fustrated. So my family is so selfish and inconsiderate. Since my grandpa died a few years ago my very elderly grandmother has been living with my mom and I. My mom worked at home and I had out of home work. Well 2020 happened and my mom hasn’t lost her job but her hours have been severely cut. She had a hard time finding a job. In the mean time we decided it was time to send grandma to a home as her needs are increasing and both of us will be out of the house all day. We started this process at the end of May. Every place we have tried has a long wait list. My grandmother has 4 other children and none of them can or want to help us. My grandmother is also not easy to get along with but at this point we’re desperate. My mom found a  new job and has to go to location next Monday. Our latest facility who was accepting patients by oct 1 just fell through. Since she can’t be alone we don’t know what to do. I can only take off a week. Also my mom her primary care giver really needs this job or else all of us will be evicted from our home and our car will be repossessed (we split rent 2 ways). Is there literally a place we can send her now? It’s urgent

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  • 1 month ago

    Sadly, a lot of people just take grandma to the nearest emergency room and abandon her there.  Grandma gets hospitalized and placed by the hospital's social workers.  Not an enviable job.

    Other families look in the phone book for a visiting nurses association and call to see if a daily care giver can come in to take care of Grandma.  This may be covered on her Medicare.

    You can also call your local county's board of health to see if there is a daycare for disabled elderly people in are area.  They can also give you the names of organizations that may have care givers covered by Medicare.

    Good luck.

  • 1 month ago

    What about home care? Contact your local adult protective services agency and ask for resources for in-home care, they can help you figure out what she may qualify for in terms of hours of service and where to go to hire a home health aide. It may not be ideal, but it'll prevent you and/or your mom from having to quit a needed job to care for her. You may have to try to work around schedules a little bit, but definitely more doable than the alternative.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Hire on a day nurse for the time being.  At least you can be sure that your Grandmother will be properly cared for.  All nursing homes have slowed down or entirely cut their new admissions due to COVID restrictions, so you may have difficulties finding placement for quite a while.  OTOH, there are tons of visiting nurses and out of work RN's who would gladly come work for you.  Just look up nurses aid services or home health care for your state or call your grandmother's doctor (usually they can give you a VNS referral). 

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    maybe you can take in someonne homeless and exchange help for room and board

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