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How to remember when to use semi colon?

i always forget. 


So we can put a semicolon after dependent clauses? The examples people gave me on here seem to put a semicolon after dependent clauses

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    No, it has nothing to do with 'putting a semicolon after dependent clauses'.

    A semicolon is mainly used to connect two independent clauses.There was a terrible rainstorm last night; I didn't sleep well.Each of these two clauses can stand alone. You can write them as two separate sentences, or you can join them with a semicolon.

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    A semicolon separates two complete and related thoughts.

    Correct:  I saw your cousin yesterday; she's a hottie. 

    Incorrect:  I saw your cousin yesterday; I had a toothache.

    edit:  No, you can't put a semi colon after a dependent clause.  It has to be between two complete thoughts, which a dependent clause *isn't*.

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    To separate two interdependent sentences or to separate list items in a list that has an item or items that contain internal commas.

    Example 1 (two interdependent sentences):

    - Mary plays mixed doubles tennis; so does John as her partner.

    Example 2 (separate list items that have item(s) containing internal commas):

    - The groups here are Al, Jo, and Di; Ted, Sue, and Bo; and Jill, Bob, and Mo.

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