How are Manchester United fans enduring these last two years having watched City and Liverpool win practically everything ?

I consider Manchester United as our arch rivals in football, its one of those things that won't ever change.  Both measure their own success by looking at what the other has done in the past, both use each other as a barometer on which to measure greatness and neither is content with wanting to play second fiddle to the status of being 2nd best to the other.

These two clubs don't like to share success either.  So its nice to see them struggling while we're back on top of our perch, sitting pretty with one arm tightly around the premier league trophy ^_^

can it be sustained or a while longer or will Manchester United under Ole eventually crack this City-Pool monopoly on domestic dominance as of late ?

13 Premier League Titles under Sir Alex Ferguson and an era of non-stop dominance and vice like grip on the domestic front, Manchester United were top dogs for decades.

The current team is a far cry from the sides of that era.  What is it going to take then, for United to come back as a force in English football ?   Is it wise to write off their chances of at least challenging us for the title this season ? are they realistic title challengers ? is it too early to even talk about this given we're only 2 games into the season ?

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  • 1 month ago

    Probably the same way Liverpool fans felt when they watched Man Utd Lift everything.   They’ll be bitter because 5-10 years ago Utd fans would of laughed at the thought of Liverpool even challenging for the title let alone lifting it. The shoe is on the other foot now. 

    Unless they sign at least two world class players then I can’t see them challenging Liverpool or city this year. They’ll be fighting for a top four finish which won’t be easy for them.

    They can’t turn round and use the whole “rebuilding after fergie” or “we’re a team in transition”excuse anymore Because They’ve had about 6/7 seasons to do so now and they’ve failed miserably, not even coming close to challenging for the league. 


  • August
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    1 month ago

    They must be crying in their beer. That Palace result must surely be the end of OGS 

  • United and Liverpool are the dominant English clubs, with all due respect to everyone else based on domestic and European trophies.  Keep in mind that Ferguson was given several seasons at United before they did anything.  They improved and made steady progress (club that had a great run but never quite 'there' hires foreign manager and gives him a few seasons...sound familiar?).  They brought in homegrown talent and brought them up through the academy (I'm old enough to remember Alan Hanson's famous "you'll never win anything with kids" line).  

    So it will take patience and building from within.  Bringing players up through their academy system, and giving their manager time (I don't know if OGS is the answer or not).  Being smart with their money (they've made a ton of bad decisions on buying players).  Example: United spent more on Harry Maguire than Liverpool did on VVD which is some horrible decision-making.

  • i wish you'd stop trying to tempt fate man,   lolz lets' just savour the moment..and crush the gunners next week..@JustJohn,  that's an interesting answer...

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  • 1 month ago

    It all goes back to the building of the Manchester ship canal in Victorian Britain which affected Liverpool economically and the hatred is more severe on the Scouse end.

    So L/pool being on top is somehow only just and fair.

    I think deep down Mancs either City/Utd not those from Essex understand this and just have a pride in the North West or the old county of Lancashire.

    I'm talking the real hardcore Scouse/Mancs here, the ones who are thoroughbreds.

  • Ryan
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    1 month ago

    There are none left they all commit suicide

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