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Why can't Hollywood and UK performers keep out of politics?

Last night's Emmy Awards was a disgrace. I miss the days when entertainers kept quiet and focused on movies, records, performing. John Wayne, Anthony Quinn, Steve McQueen (the handsome, Aires with the Blue eyes not the UK Rim Taster) all kept their Conservative views to themselves. Here come the Liberals speaking like they are right. I pray that 45 is re-elected.


Watch your tone. It's all on the news. 

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    It is an easy way to get kudos other luvvies. All left pretend to lefties but only want diversity for others, not their own gated and safe communities.

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    Yes, I'm in 2 minds about 'Celeb's' airing their political views, when collecting their awards.  There is a time and place to be political and perhaps award ceremonies aren't the right platform.  Perhaps instead they should do work to change the way 'Hollywood' treats it's work force, ie casting people from ethnic minorities, women in lead roles etc  If they want to discuss their political views, do it via social media.

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    I agree entirely.

    If they had these would have been no President Reagan or Trump, both second rate entertainers.

    Without Reagan and his mate Thatcher, there would have been no deregulation of the financial sector and no global economic crash in 2008. 

    Happy days.

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    Ah, the Good Old Days when Marlon Brando sent Sacheen Littlefeather to decline his Best Actor Oscar for The Godfather and protest about the treatment of native Americans ... Celebrity and politics go hand in hand. That is why you end up with a reality TV 'star' in the White House. ditto Charlton Heston, Arnie Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood and Ronnie Raygun.

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