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Late 2013 iMac worth upgrading to SSD?

Some people have told me to buy a new computer instead, but I know Apple will be rolling out their new iMacs in about a year or 2 .So, I am wondering if it would be worth it to just ride it out with a hard drive, or go in and pop in an SSD. 

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    What Apple is going to do in a couple years is irrelevant. You've already missed several upgrade cycles, so why does one (or even two) more matter? The more pertinent issues are whether the computer still meets your needs (or would with an upgrade) and will for a suitable amount of time. The 2013 iMac won't officially support any future versions of MacOS. The latest version that is supported, 10.15, will probably receive security updates until 2023. Windows will probably work on it for another decade, and Linux will probably support it until the Sun explodes.

    Replacing the hard drive with a SATA SSD will probably not provide a noticeable speed improvement. The most sensible upgrade path would be to leave the hard drive installed for storage of personal files / media, and installing a cheap / small NVMe drive and putting your operating system on that. You can get a 250 GB NVMe card from a reputable brand for around $40 to $50.

  • Rayal
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    I personally had an iMac that the HD failed. I got an external SSD and used that as a boot disk. You can clone your old HD to the new ext.ssd easily.

    On getting a new ssd and installing it I would if you plan on keeping the iMac and are not faint of heart taking one apart.

    The question is are you ready for the completely insanely difficult way of opening and servicing your iMac.

    I would look at some youtube teardown/ ssd replacements for YOUR MODEL of iMac.  I have found there are several ways of doing this depending on which iMac model you have.

    Do it wrong, Break some of the tiny connectors and you will be getting a new imac sooner than later.

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