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Question about paypal?

 in the last year I had 2 or 3 fraudulent charges for which I was refunded but I haven't used it in a while then I got emails saying theres suspicious activity on my account so I had to change my password. Since then I have been running in circles trying to completely close my account. When i call on the phone the automated system says sorry we can't help you over the phone go  to the online message center and then it hangs up.  When I go online youre chatting talking to an automated system (robot) who says they can't help me and tells me to call customer service. I am getting extremely frustrated  but what I'm wondering is if I change my password and unlink my bank account will it be safe from fraudulent charges?(my paypal account balance is only roughly one dollar)


I did not open the email or click any links.  I knew there was a chance I couldnt trust it which is why I want to close my account so I don't have to worry about getting these emails or anything stolen from my account

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    Yes, if there is no bank account or credit card, no charges can accumulate. Paypal will only pay someone if there is an account from which to draw funds.

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    Never, ever!!!!! respond to emails about account problems with any site. 

    Never click any links in such emails.

    They are almost always scams, "phishing" mails that take you to look-alike web pages to steal your info when you try to log in.

    Always go directly to the site as usual without using any email links, if you want to verify anything.

    The scammers probably have all your security info so can make changes to the account whenever they like.

    Use the chat system on the paypal site to contact them and reset all your security info and password.

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