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Internet protection Norton!?


Due to Covid 19, I was unable to get remote access as I am not at all good with computers. So I thru step by step of what to do & I needed a 25 letter key sent to me to transfer my details, is it safe? Like can someone else (the person) I spoke to helping me also have that key & be able to see everything I type from now on or is the 25 key unique to one person one computer?!

Hopefully you get what I mean as I haven't got a clue. Thanks 

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    I think you're asking about registering the Norton internet security program. The key is just for your computer, no one else's, and the other person cannot see what your computer is doing.

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    if I am understanding what you are talking about correctly, then yes the 25 key activation code is unique to your computer and everything is safe, unfortunatly Norton is not the best antivirus and there are plenty of free antiviruses out there that are better than Norton, but dont worry all you have done is activate Norton and everything looks fine

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