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What’s your opinion on Elon Musk’s Neurolink?

I heard that it will help people with diseases like Alziemers, Brain Tumors, and blind people. However when he said “autism” I had an anxiety attack. I get the idea is great and all, but we have no idea how our brains work, some of us who are autistic including myself really find a “cure” impossible and also problamatic. I like the idea of fixing more serious stuff especially stuff that literally can kill you, like brain tumors, alziemers, brain cancer etc. However autism unlike the others which are diseases and illnesses, Autism is something that doesn’t inherently kill you, you’re just born differently wired. So in short. I think it should only be used if it’s something that is life threatning not something like down syndrome, autism, dwarfism, ADHD, which are just something you’re biologically born with. There are pros and cons to this, but I can see cons where if you used this against say us autistics, we will get more discrimination, hate, killed, potentually take away programs like SSI, helpful programs, medications, family violance etc. not to mention, us autistics have rough already in society. I worry some powerful people could use this for bad causes. Not to mention artificial chips with brain surgery could cause brain infections or make things. I don’t really trust today’s society to even try an experiment like this as we still don’t know anything about our brain. I do like Elon Musk’s electric vehicle brand but the Neurolink is controversial.

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    That will not happen, we still don't know how the brain works, so this like the pills that erase bad memories, will not work, it takes years to know. Better not to mess with the brain.

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    I won't worry about anything he says.

    It is far fetched.He would need a lot of people.

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    August, Fortune magazine - 

    "Researchers gave mixed reviews of Elon Musk’s colorful demonstration on Friday of Neuralink, his sci-fi startup that’s developing a brain implant. The company’s technology, Musk hopes, will one day help paralyzed people walk and even save memories so that people review them like they leaf through photo albums."

    We're talking about experimenting with a pig so we have no idea what this might mean with regard to autism. Musk is a gifted eccentric with a passion for the seemingly impossible. We must admit that his rocket that lands bottom-first is impressive. Who knows?

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    Elon Musk is kind of casually sociopathic.  In order for him to carry out such a plan, there would need to be enough people around him who had the same personality disorder.  Also, it's probably a bit of a fantasy of his.  Don't worry.

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