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How to let go of anger from high school? ?

Despite graduating high school 2 years ago and no longer being in contact with most of my classmates, im still pissed off at the thought of every bad thing or embarrassing thing that has happened to me, and the things I got bullied for

How do I just drop it and focus on the present? 

Because my anger towards it just keeps building up. 

I keep thinking about what I should've done at that moment, and the fact that i didn't do it is what pisses me off

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    Professionally changing lives for better

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    Also there's the old saying, The best revenge is a successful life.

    People rarely think of themselves as villains. Bullies think they are enforcing social norms. 

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    We will have many benefits when we are willing to forgive. It helps us to feel better because we let go of anger and sadness. And it helps us to have better relationships with other people. But if we are not willing to forgive, it can make us feel sick and stressed. This can make it difficult for us to get along with others.

    It's in the past. Leave it in the past.

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    Every time you relive past wrongs. you suffer again. You keep yourself in that 'victim' position. 

    You can't rewrite the past. You can only learn from it. Know that you would behave differently now if you saw yourself in a similar situation. Things that mattered then aren't important to the present day 'you'. 

    The best advice, which also happens to be the Golden Rule is don't do to others what you hate [and hated] having done to you.  Live your life in this way and your past will fade away to a rarely visited place.. 

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    I'm a senior citizen and still think about those high school embarrassments, lol.

    I guess those feelings never leave you!

    Remember, kids at high school age don't have fully developed brains yet, they stay in cliques, are immature, etc.

    I mentioned an embarrassing thing I did to a schoolmate years later, and he said, "I dont remember."  You are probably the only one who will remember what they did or said to you, or what you did to them.

    Don't waste any energy being angry, one day you and them will be gone forever and it won't matter. Think about how many are dying from COVID, life is short, enjoy it.

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