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@Pagans and witches. Will I learn magic from the Koran?

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    Wrong religion, dude! Try looking at Wicca or other Neo-pagans for that information. Sort of like saying can I learn Greek mythology by reading the Buddhist Sutras? 

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    the Koran is Fiction

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    No, but you will learn true evil! BURN IT!

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    The only power in this world is the Lord Jesus Christ.  If you want to see mighty things, then call unto the Lord and He will show you amazing things.

    Jeremiah 33:3 KJV "Call unto Me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not."  I've seen an angel.

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    Probably not, but it's as good a place as any to try.  The odds of success are just as good, so why not.

    Unfortunately, the odds of success with magic are very dismal.  I dated a witch for a while, because she was cool and funny and hot, and then things started getting serious.  She was primarily a Wiccan, but she was open to any kind of magic she could find.  Vodou, Santeria, Satanism, Shamanism, Catholicism, you name it she tried it.  And she wasn't just trying to irritate her parents, she was serious about it.  She wanted nothing more than to unlock the secrets of real magic power.

    Unfortunately, none of it ever actually worked.  She was always just one step away from actually harnessing the hidden powers of the cosmos, but she could never get the rituals or the words exactly right.  Even when she summoned all her vast powers and knowledge to cast a love spell on me (she had cheated and dumped me and wanted me back), it just wouldn't work.  She blamed herself for the spell not working, especially after she casually slept with me to help the spell take effect.  But it was still my fault that she cheated and dumped me, so at least she could blame some of it on someone else.

    The real question here is this:  Are you really looking for magical power, or are you just trying to make your religious parents mad?  Because the second thing will totally work if that's why you're doing it.

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     No only a pack of religious lies that  is only slightly different to those told by the Christer and Judaism religions alike.

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    First of all why would you say pagans? what is that you're suggesting? I'm not a pagan if that's what you're suggesting. Second, no, The Holy, Wise, Generous, Uncreated Quran doesn't teach magic. And there were angels who taught people magic as a trial for human beings and anyone who understood the meaning of the trial would walk away from magic. In the Book of Allah, mentions magic as one of the topics and certain magicians who eventually believed in the Creator and who gave up magic for the sake of God because they believed in the truth God brought for them. You should watch and listen to the second link in my profile page, it is an amazing story about the winners and who became the losers. Just copy and paste into the address to see.

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    Islam is a religion of instructs Muslims to ensure that they have a sharp blade so that Christians, Jews and infidels will die peacefully...

    The Greek word for non-Jew in the NT, ethnikos,  literally translates to pagans..

    so whether they are comfortable with it or not, all current Christians are pagans.  Paul opened the floodgate to let pagans join up to what was originally intended to be an exclusively Jewish sect..

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