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Is it safe to jog on a secluded trail in the morning?

I live in a very small town with a trail next to my home. When I was in High School, I would run on the trail during daylight hours and never had anything happen. 

Being that I am now in college and working virtually starting at 8am, I am considering going on runs at around 6am everyday. The trail is basically only trees for about a mile and only concern is wild animals (like bears or coyotes...but would I even have to worry about that at 6 in the morning?)

I absolutely hate running in public (Just because I am currently working on self-image issues), I am considering buying a treadmill to put in my garage to avoid these situations..but do you think running on my trail is safe to do at 6am?

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    As "." said, we don't know anything about safety regarding crime in your neighborhood. Nor do we know how likely you are to encounter a dangerous animal. 

    Is it a paved trail?  If unpaved, one concern I have is visibility. In my experience, unpaved trails have trip hazards, such as branches, roots, rocks, holes, and mud or loose dirt. Winter is coming in the northern hemisphere. As the length of daylight lessens, it will be harder to see to avoid these. If you trip, and get hurt, it would be easier to get quick help in a more populated area. 

    Comment: Even a small animal can be dangerous if it can transmit a disease, such as rabies. A mouse can host black legged ticks (formerly known as deer ticks), which can transmit Lyme disease.

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    Nobody here can know if it's "safe" to run where you live or not. You're the one who should know about crime in your area and if there are reported incidents of problems on that trail. 


    Yes, you may have to worry about wildlife early in the morning. Take protection if you choose to run in the woods where there are known bears/coyotes.  You may want to just stop caring about what you look like, and run in an area where it's safe(er) from wildlife. 

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    Most joggers choose running in the early morning for the peace it brings while running.

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