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Is 5'4" and 132 pounds fat (female)?

Be honest. Seriously, you won't hurt my feelings. I think it is a bit fat. My friends say I look 120 (I'm athletic), but I want to lose 5-10 lbs. THAT'S ALL. But my parents hate when I diet. I do think losing 5 lbs wouldn't hurt! I'm not crazy right? 


I weight 2 more pounds than my mom at the same height, but she looks fatter (no offense). I definitely look more toned. 

Update 2:

but I would never call her fat, especially compared to some other adults. But I'm a teenager!

Update 3:

ok thank u! I want to lose 5 pounds. My current mile time is 6:03 (irrelevant I know), and my goal mile time is 5:50 for XC and track. I just feel so bulky and if I lost weight it would be easier. Just my opinion, but my parents disagree. What can I do to convince them? 

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    Not fat at all , muscle weighs more than fat especially if your running a 6 minute you are not fat. If your fit and able to run up the stairs without being out of breath your fine lol that and every person is built different cliche I know but seriously, fat to weight ratio is different, hydration, hormones, bone density. You can be jacked and weigh extremely high for your bmi and be extremely fit. It honestly doesn't matter. If you wanted to lose fat then you should focus on buidling muscle which is going to make you weigh more, not a bad thing. If you still need some help look up 132 pounds and 5'4 on different women and look at the images it will show you how every woman carries weight differently some will look more toned some wont. In all honesty if you can run a 6 minute mile no matter what you look like that's baddass and doing better then 90% of people out there! Also don't worry what any man says or women for that matter an immature boy may whine and that is not a man to pursue lol. A woman who tries to boast how skinny she is is seriously broken and needs some healing. 

    TBH coming from a girl who is in their early 20s and wondered throughout all of highschool if I was fat when I wasn't and it took away from realizing how strong my body was. P.S even when Ive felt my chubbiest I met the most amazing man so honestly men don't care nor should they ever any man that tells you how much to weigh to be attractive to them is a p.o.s 

    Good luck girlie live your best teenage years being happy and healthy!!

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    You're far from being fat. Taking off 5 lbs. may help your ego, but that's easier said than done.

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    i am sorry you are having body image issues.

    and cloths but i know that one size does not fit all.

    cloths don't fit, not because of who you are, they don't fit because of how they are made.made to fit the "most average" body shape not the perfect female.

    i know you are not perfect, no one meets that foolishness, but i bet you are just right, if you got big boobs you are just right for me


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    your fat when you cant carry your own body weight.

    so after a 25 mile walk over 16 hours you should still be rather virmed with zest, otherwise you are quite fat.

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    I think 120 would be your best weight for your height

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    The recommended weight range for a 5'4" female is 116 - 135 lbs, depending on body frame size, per the source calculator. If you're carrying extra muscle, then you may be over the recommendation for your height, but still find (not carrying excess fat) due to muscle tissue being more dense/heavy (it takes up less space than the same pounds of fat). 


    I look my best at a couple of pounds over the max recommended for a large frame at my height (and I have a medium frame), when I'm not carrying extra muscle. I still look perfectly fine at more than 10 lbs over the max recommended for my height, when I'm carrying extra muscle. 

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    You aren't overweight by BMI standards, but you wouldn't be underweight if you lost 10 pounds either. Ten pounds really isn't going to make much difference in your overall health at this point.  

    Don't focus on weight or pounds. Focus on how you look and feel.  If you lose 10 pounds of fat, you'll probably drop one clothing size.  If you lose 5 pounds, your tight jeans might feel a little better.  

    I'd suggest that you start making tiny changes to your lifestyle rather than adopting some severe diet protocol.  Things that you can do and continue to do for the rest of your life to achieve a healthy weight:

    1. Cut down your consumption of processed foods.  Yes, that means fast food, but it also means bread, cereal, canned soup, ramen, pasta, sweets, etc.  You don't have to stop eating it entirely, but cut your portions.

    2. Increase your consumption of both vegetables and protein.  Veggies are packed with nutrients, fill you up, and are very low in calorie.  Most people don't eat nearly enough of these.  Protein is important for your developing body and brain and because you are an athlete.  That doesn't mean a 16 ounce steak, but make sure you are getting 3-6 ounces of protein at 2 meals each day.

    3.  Stop snacking, particularly at night.  If you tend to snack in the evening, cutting that out and drinking herb tea with stevia will be a much better option.

    4. East small amounts of healthy fats.  Instead of eating fast-food friend chicken (not that you do) opt for homemake salad dressing or roasting veggies with olive oil, having a little avocado, or adding a few raw nuts.  Your body and brain need fat. Fat doesn't make you fat.  Eating high-carb, processed foods make you fat.

    Again, all of these are small changes that anyone and everyone can and should do as a way to improve the nutritional quality of the foods they eat and to maintain a healthy weight.  

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    No.  This is a perfectly healthy weight.  If you really believe you're fat, tell your parents.  Tell your doctor.  They can arrange for a mental health evaluation to make sure you don't have an eating disorder or something like that.  Unfortunately these disorders are fairly common.  They also very dangerous and need to be diagnosed quickly.

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    You're not that fat. if you look 120 and are athletic, don't focus on the number on the scale. muscle weighs more than fat. focus on looking fit. I mean if u wanted to lose 5 pounds to make yourself feel better then, fine, but it may not come off easy bc you just have lots of muscle. 

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    Does not appear like a fat person, a picture would help the overall impression, but I don't think fat at all

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