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What can cause your computer to make a weird, sort of like a car engine running or a low vacuum noise sound?

I have a old 2009 Macpro, I upgraded it to 48gb RAM, 1tb Samsung SSD, and GTX 660, with Mac OS 10.9.5.  I don't know why but even with cleaning the fans on the inside case with compressed air, my computer makes a almost sound like a car engine running (obviously it's not as loud as a car), but the weird sound goes away.  This happens when my mac is on idle.  

I also have a built PC for video editing with 1tb NVME Samsung SSD, GTX 1060, 64gb DDR 4 RAM, 1000 Watts Seasonic Prime Power supply, Full ATX MSI Gaming Pro motherboard, 1950x AMD Ryzen, AIO Corsair cooler, latest windows 10 OS build, and a B Quiet with Tempered glass side PC case.  When I first built it, it was super quiet and it's still super quiet but once in a while, I hear the weird strange sound like I heard on the mac.  I kept this computer very clean, hardly used the computer, only on the weekends, the temps are 40c on idle.  The only thing I did that I changed when I first got my PC case was replaced the back stock fan with a Green Led fan, it uses 3 pin instead of 4 pin, but I don't think this would cause the louder noise because it's been very quiet ever since I built it back in 2017.  I've had no problems at all with my built PC, been using my Adobe suite, playing some games, updated all my programs and windows updates, etc.  Should I just ignore the weird sound that stays on briefly?  Like my mac, the weird sound comes on when my PC is also on idle.  

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    The Mac's fans are probably worn out by now, and the thermal compound has probably degraded. If you're comfortable disassembling it, you can probably fix the noise issues with a replacement fan and new compound.

    I can't give any specific advice on the desktop noise issue. You could try adjusting or disabling the fan curves in your BIOS and/or MSI Afterburner and see if you can replicate the noise. If you can, then you just need to change their thresholds to make it happen less often. If you can't replicate the noise, then it may be a problem with your AIO pump.

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