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Red Rose Origin Story?

I was wondering if anyone knew any red rose origin stories. How a white rose became a red rose. I’m looking for one in particular. It has nothing to do about greek myths like Aphrodite. I have been searching the internet and can’t find it anywhere. I found it before on the internet a few months ago. Any one know what I’m talking about? I believe it may have British origins? I think it involves a woman perhaps a noble woman who goes into a garden is stabbed by a rose bush thorns and her blood stains the white roses and turns them red. The story also might be featured on an educational dvd from the early 2000’s? That’s all I know. Please let me know if anyone is able to find this exact story as I would like to use it for a writing project.

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    Oscar Wilde wrote a short story about a white rose that became red. 

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    *Thank you Elaine. That’s the best answer so far. Unfortunately, although similar I don’t believe the story had anything to do about a nightingale. I could give you more information if that would help? There’s a story that’s more similar called Sweetheart Roland by Grimm but not quite. I guess I’m stumped. If you find anything else, I would greatly appreciate it. It would be helpful to find this original story for my writing as I want to do a retelling, so finding the original source material would be amazing. Luckily I’ve already finished it when I had the story on hand. I just need to rewrite it at this point. I don’t think It will be the end of the world if I can’t find it. 

    No not all. An actual origin story folktale/ myth this doesn't have anything to do with history. Perhaps its very rare or not very popular? I swore I saw it online before just can't find it.

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    Do you mean the wars of the roses, Lancastrian red rose and white Yorkshire rose? Or perhaps you're referring to the rosicrucians?

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