Is vinyl better than cd?

There a users on yahoo who commonly say cd is better sound, but I had an answer from a user earlier who thought vinyl is superior sound?

I no longer have any vinyl but I’m building my cd collection up again, so I’d like to know. Thanks.


Thanks for your thoughts on it Robert.

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  • 1 month ago
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    For audio quality - no.

    It is absolutely impossible, as the signal to noise ratio of a stylus-on-vinyl system can never be better than around 70 to 80 db. In practice with real equipment it will be more like 60 to 70 db.

    The basic signal to noise ratio (including any digitisation distortion) is around 100db.

    CD is far better. Plus no dust clicks or pops, no rumble, no wow and flutter etc.

    Newer digital audio systems with higher bit depths and higher sample rates can be far better again; eg. SA-CD a couple of decades ago and now Blu-Ray audio.

    But, if you like the actual experience of getting LPs out, watching the stylus settle in to a track and seeing them play - fair enough, go for it.

    As I put it to someone else on here earlier on: People do not own vintage cars because they are more reliable or more economical than modern ones - they own them for the experience.

    The same applies with vinyl. It's not "better", but it's a unique experience.

  • 1 month ago

    After a dozen plays, CD is definitely better.

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