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first time flyer?

O k so I am thinking of flying to Nebraska from California in January to visit a friend for my 40th birthday and bringing my 17 year old daughter along. We have never flown before, I looked up flights and one of them came up said I would have a stop in Phoenix, my question is

1. do they tell me what gate to be at to board when leaving Phoenix,

2. do I need to worry about  getting my luggage and putting it on the next flight, 

i am nervous and anxious any tips will help also, 


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  • 1) There are electronic boards throughout the airport that will tell you what flights depart from what gate.  Your itinerary will show you the flight number of your California-bound flight leg; the boards will list the arrival city in California, the flight number, and the gate.  

    2) If you check bags from your departure city in Nebraska, they will transfer it to your flight from Phoenix to California as long as your itinerary shows this.  Be sure to put luggage tags on all of your checked bags.  When you land in California you will retrieve your luggage in the Baggage Claim area (there will be signs indicating what carousel is handling what flights).

    Tips: give yourself plenty of time (at least 2 hours), so if your flight leaves at 10am, be at the airport no later than 8am.  Review your country's TSA rules and regulations on what you can and can't bring on board your carry-on bags (your backpack, her purse, etc.).  Make sure you have masks for both of you (most airlines are requiring them).  Be prepared to take your shoes off when you go through security.  Bring something to read (I always have a tablet/e-reader with several books downloaded).  

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    When you check in for your first flight, you will also get your boarding pass for your flight from Phoenix.  It should have the gate listed on it.  If not, you will see big electronic signs in the airport when you land in Phoenix; find one for your airline, then find your destination city and flight number, and it will list your gate there.  It sounds complicated, but it's not.  I promise.  You should be at your boarding gate at least 30-45 minutes before your flight is scheduled to take off.

    You do not need to change your luggage from one flight to the other.  The airline takes care of that.  

    Give yourself plenty of time so that you don't stress.  That's my best advice for a first-time flyer.  Airports are very clearly marked - lots of signs everywhere.  It's hard to get lost and it's hard to get confused.  There are plenty of people around who you can ask for help.

    Make sure you have proper ID (your daughter won't need ID if she is still 17 when you fly), are prepared for security (you'll have to remove your shoes and any outerwear, and will need to remove your baggie of liquid/gel items - if you have one- from your carry-on bag; see for details on this).

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    Your boarding pass for the flight from Phoenix will indicate the gate in Phoenix, but you need to check the display in Phoenix or ask an agent since gates sometimes change. Your luggare will automatically ne transferred from the first to the second flight. You don't need to do anything in Phoenix other than go to the second gate.

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    Before you get on the first plane, they give you boarding passes when you check in at the airport, or you get them at home online and print them, or you can get them on your phone. Your airline's website will explain how you can get them. One is for the first flight, one is for the second flight. They tell you what gate your flight leaves from. When you arrive in Phoenix, it's smart to check, on one of the big screens they have in various places showing flight info, that the gate is still the same as it was. They occasionally change not long before flight time. It's also smart to immediately find the gate you have to leave from, even if you have a lot of time to spare. It's good to know where it is and there is also a screen at the gate which will show, an hour or more before flight time, if there are any delays. Flights start boarding about half an hour before departure time. That's when you really need to be at the gate.

    If you booked your flights at the same time, your luggage is 'checked through', meaning that the airline transfers it from the first plane to the second plane. If in doubt, ask at the airline counter before the first flight. "Will my luggage be checked through?"

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    Same Airline?

    In most situations you will not need to fetch your bag at your stop in Phoenix.

    Verify at check in.

    YES you are told where to find your next flight. Many screens around to look for yourself or ask a Uniformed staff person for direction.

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