Has your doctor ever comforted you during a surgery or medical procedure by using touch??? Is it becoming more standard/acceptable now?

I have seen this doctor 3 times in the last year and a half for medical procedures that require sedation. My doctor usually comforts me in a way. The first time I remember he gave me juice and helped me sit up from the bed. i was crying a lot so he went out of his way to comfort me. This third time, I was anxious and I remember he held on to my hand for about 2 minutes or so before he started the procedure and I thought omg he is so nice and caring. I was really anxious about the procedure and well obviously it's never fun! Then after the procedure he came to talk to me and check in which he does with all of his patients and he rubbed my head like i was a kid. I thought this was kind of funny but didnt mind it. I think he mostly feels bad that i have to undergo these procedures. Has a doctor ever comforted you by using touch?? I do have a lot of health problems so usually when i see different doctors i find that I'm either getting touched on my shoulder, a head rub, but this was the first time I've had my hand held by a doctor.. maybe its very apparent that im super anxious and giving anxious vibes. is it becoming more standard for doctors to physically touch patients? do you find that this is happening more now than before?

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