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Dating someone who gave me Herpes?

I have been dating a guy for a while and slept with him 2 weeks ago for the first time. Since then I have contracted Herpes 1 from him and have gotten tested.

He told me since he was a child he got some cold sores on his lips before but not in a while. 

The doctor told me herpes 1 os very common (2/3 of the world has it sometimes unknowingly) 

I don't know if I should continue dating this man incase I get an outbreak every time I kiss him or does it just go away as I now have the virus in my system already. 

Should I stop seeing him or continue it? 

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  • There is medication you can take to help reduce and prevent break outs. There's also over the counter topical creams you an apply to help heal a break out faster.

    Cold sores comes from oral herpes (HSV1), not chicken pox which is herpes zoster that can also cause shingles. 

    You shouldn't get a break out every time you kiss him. Other things can trigger break outs. Such as being in sunny hot weather or very cold weather for long periods of time, being run down can also trigger break outs. 

    You could have gotten it the same way he did. Most people contract cold sores during child hood, by being innocently kissed by a close friend or family member that gets cold sores. 

    Herpes doesn't go away, the virus will always be in your system weather you get break outs or not. Herpes doesn't have a cure.

    He didn't give it to you on purpose and hopefully he didn't tell you after you had sex. If you still love him, that's not a good enough reason to break up with him. If he told you after you had sex, or if you don't love him any more, then consider breaking up. But you should be honest with any future potential partners about having cold sores.

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    That alone is not a reason to break up particularly, many people do have herpes oral type 1, there isnt really a stigmata, its the same class of virus that causes chicken pox and then shingles. No, you wont get it everytime you kiss him, you will be on your own schedule. There are antivirals you can take as soon as you feel an outbreak (time is a factor here-so discuss that with your doc).  Its true many people dont know they have it or have forgotten since its been so long. Sex wasn't necessarily a factor because it was oral--so you could have gotten it any time you kissed him or shared something.

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    It's too late now.

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    If you like him in every other way, and he didn't intentionally pass it on, there is no immediate reason to break up. However anyone that does get cold sores does owe it to the person that they're dating to tell them so that they can make their own decisions regarding the risks. You didn't catch it just because you slept with him. You caught it just because you kissed him while he was shedding even if he didn't have an outbreak. Additionally, had you kissed anyone else in the past month, you could have caught it from them. My sibling actually contracted it as a child from a parent that didn't realize they had accidentally passed it on. Just make yourself aware. Now that you know, re-think oral s*x because once you have type 1, it can be passed down there.

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