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Best coffee to make at home for beginners?

When I make coffee myself I usually do not like it. I want to make it at home to save money.

My favorite coffees are the iced coffee from Mcdonalds, Iced Coffee from Dunkin Donuts and Vanilla Lattee from Starbucks. How can I make coffee at home and like it cause usually i end up not liking it. Any brands I should look into?

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    learned from my family to make alcohol free Russian coffee. 1/4th half and half, 1/4th flavored creamer, 1/2 coffee. It also makes the caffeine hit your stomach harder. Obviously not good for everyday if you want to lose weight but it tastes better then the fancy cafes.

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    See if a local supermarket has a store brand equivalent. Are you doing ground coffee,

    or with a keurig machine? Ground takes a little bit longer to prepare but much cheaper.

    ps: Store brand will usually have a satisfaction guarantee, as long as you bring it back

    within a certain amount of time, with a certain amount still unused, and with your receipt.

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    I use Starbucks French Roast coffee at home. It's usually $17.00 for a 40 ounce package at Costco, but twice a year is $12.00. I grind it every day so it's fresh, and use 1 ounce for a 60 ounce pot of coffee. You can, of course, make it stronger if that is your taste.

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    You can buy Dunkin donuts coffee to brew at home. Just follow the brewing instructions. You'll probably need to find a creamer or flavoring to use as well. 

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    You can start by buying with McCafe or Dunkin coffee at your grocery store.  Both companies have ground and k-cup version of their coffee you can brew at home. 

    Next, understand that you probably like the sweetness of these drinks more than you like the coffee.  You can purchase Torani flavored syrups at the grocery store on on Amazon.  You can also choose to make your own simply syrup.  

    To make 2 cups (16 ounces) of Iced Coffee the way McDonalds does you need

    2 - 2/12 cups of strong coffee slightly cooled

    2/3 cup of half and half

    1/2 cups of flavored or simple syrup


     All of this is easily found on the internet. 

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    Use one scoop (2 tablespoons) per cup of water.  Columbian is generally good coffee. 

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