Chemistry redox balance equation?

Preparing Tc4+ ions from Pertechnetate.

a) Balance equation for the reaction of stannous ion with pertechnetate in acidic solution. Products are stannic ion, Sn4+ and technetium(IV), Tc4+ ions.

b)balance equation in basic solution

c) what are reducing agent and oxidizing agen?

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    net ionic:

    TcO4^- + Sn^2+ ---> Tc^4+ + Sn^4+


    TcO4^- ---> Tc^4+

    Sn^2+ ---> Sn^4+

    balance in acidic:

    3e^- + 8H^+ + TcO4^- ---> Tc^4+ + 4H2OSn^2+ ---> Sn^4+ + 2e^-

    equalize electrons:

    6e^- + 16H^+ + 2TcO4^- ---> 2Tc^4+ + 8H2O3Sn^2+ ---> 3Sn^4+ + 6e^-add:

    16H^+ + 2TcO4^- + 3Sn^2+ ---> 2Tc^4+ + 3Sn^4+ + 8H2O

    convert to basic:

    8H2O + 2TcO4^- + 3Sn^2+ ---> 2Tc^4+ + 3Sn^4+ + 16OH^-


    red agent (it is the one oxidized) ---> Sn^2+

    ox agent (it is the one reduced) ---> TcO4^-

    By the way, do not identify Tc^7+ as the reducing agent. Use the ion that exists in solution, the TcO4^-.

    I have more redox fun here:

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