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Do I punish my daughter for cursing at her dad?

My daughter's father and I are not together, but we are civil. She's 12.

He came over tonight to drop off something for our daughter. He went in our daughter's room to say hi.He saw her Pokemon cards (that HE bought for her), and picked them up.She yells, "Put my card down, b**tch!"I yelled at her, and told her to never use that language again, especially to her parents.He made it seem like it was no big deal.Apparently, he has no problem with her using bad language. I do. My daughter knows better than to speak to me that way.Am I responsible for punishing her for cursing him out, or is it his responsibility?

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    Yes. Because if you tolerate her just like your ex-husband does your child might lose completely her respect to the both of you. Both of you has the responsibility for her because you are her parents and you need to guide her to right path and tolerating her will not help to improve your relationship with her. And there is a big possibility that she adapt that kind of behavior from her peers.Maybe its better if you go have a heart to heart talk with your kid. Ask her how's her life going and etc. To improve your relationship with her you have to spend time with your kid and show her how much she mean to you. You have to teach her how to behave in front of you and other people that sorrounds her. 

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    Since she lives with you - YOUR responsibility to punish her.  Put hot sauce or hot pepper on her tongue when she does this.

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    It’s important that you uphold your morale in your home regardless of if it’s her dad or anyone else that she speaks to, in that way.

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    I think instead of punishment from other of you, that outburst warrants a conversation about her reaction and why she believed that language was appropriate to use towards anyone. I don't know her or how she normally reacts to people touching her things, but that seems way out of a healthy response to someone picking up a card. Was she messing around? I mean, inappropriate language aside, perhaps she and her dad have that sort of relationship where that big reactivity is a game of sorts? But, if she was in that much distress, she might need some professional help. 

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    Good story. Pathetic troll question.  

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