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How to calm a cat in heat until her surgery?

There is a long list for cats in heat and my poor baby is freaking out. She meows a lot, climbs the curtains and pees out of the litter box but will poop in it. I feel like she is suffering but I can't find a place that doesn't have an opening for a couple of weeks. How can I keep her calm and help her out until the surgery? 


I cleaned the litter box today and she used it. I usually do the deep litter box cleaningon Saturdays but I think I will have to do it more. I think being in heat causes her to go more. She has this of wanting to pee on non fuzzy blankets as well but she will go pee in the litter box too. 

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    I would be certain she does not have a bladder infection, since that can cause a cat to urinate outside the litter box. Take her to the vet to be sure this is not the cause. If she has an infection, you will need her clear of that before the surgery. Vets will not spay a cat who is in heat, by the way, nor a sick cat especially if it has an infection.

    Cats who are in heat can be quite difficult, and you will need to be patient.Your primary concern should be keeping her indoors, because they are also quite clever at getting out. Try feeding her well and giving her plenty of attention. It may be a noisy couple of weeks.

    Get her to the vet for a check-up, and perhaps they will also have some tips.

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