When Do Collectors Slow Down Or Start To Stop?

What I'm talking about is when do collectors, who are fans something(s) like James Bond, Disney, Star Trek, Batman, Indiana Jones, Superman, certain comic books, Star Wars, X-Men or collects lot of DVDs/Blu-rays, etc..., when do they stop or slow down?

Even sometime say never have this one or that one is ok? When do they say I just have way too much as a fan.

When do collectors stop and just declutter, like people who buy a lot of stuff for use. But are NOT collector stuff(pots and pan, towels, bed sheets, flash drives, plates, bowels, etc...). Do they wait till they are getting old say at 67-70 something. What do they do with the stuff?

Like that person who call himself Cereal At Midnight on YouTube, he collects lots of of DVDs/Blu-rays. Way more then what I have, he even has a mega custom made media shelf.

I'm also a James Bond, Disney and real world Spy/Special Ops fan. But I don't collect nearly as much as people shown on Collector's Call and other shows. I'm even ok if I miss something or don't buy it, even I got the money for it.


But when is it time to make that hard judgment it time to slow down, don't buy every single one from this set or or that set. It just when a person get older they have to make that hard judgment on a lot of stuff in the house that for daily life to old papers( that could be history of a family member), clothes that have not been wore for maybe 12 years and might of been brought in 1998 or 2000, vacation spot flyers, old computer stuff, old car old for whatever, etc....

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    3 months ago

    if they stop collecting, you couldn't call them a collector, could you?

    as long as new items are made, they will continue to buy them.

    i'm sure YOU have PLENTY of useless stuff in your garage...

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