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Repeating Knee Problems?

One day i was playing basketball, I jumped to dunk and then my left knee was hurting really badly. For the next few hours it was really hard to walk and the pain was at a all time high. After a day, there was just not much pain unless I started to run. A week of rest later, there was only a bit of pain when I would run, therefore I decided to jump again. I jumped for a dunk again and then the same pain came back and lasted for another few hours. I repeated the same process and rested for 2 weeks instead. The pain was low to unnoticeable so I made the wrong decision by jumping again. I jumped for another dunk and then it happened again. The pain would always last an hour or less but after that there was no affect to my normal lifestyle. However, as soon as I decide to jump, it would hurt very bad. Here I am 2 days after that jump and im planning to get it checked up. Do you guys think this is most likely tendinitis or could I have possibly tore something? Whenever I run it hurts a bit to put pressure on that left knee. 

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    You did not mention the swelling, how much or how little. I'm guessing it is a minor sprain.small tear. These things can take a year before they finally go away, sometimes they never do and you alwasy have some discomfort. From your description, it does not sound serious enough to warrant surgery. Probably a month of rest, maybe some additional support, if you are in the US. They will probably suggest PT

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