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how to apply for a job at 16?

my teacher told me when applying for a job, i need a work permit, but the work permit has to be filled out by the employer.. so does that mean i can apply for a job without having the work permit then when they decide to hire me, i will bring the work permit to them to fill out ?? i’m sorry i’m confused please explain me how this works haha

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    Do up a resume including things you've done such as volunteer work or farming or personal projects like building PCs, that's what I did when I was 16. Nobody's going to expect you to have done much so even sports achievements, school and hobbies are all good to put down. Things that show who you are and that you will work. The employer will short of your work permit with you, for now hand in your resume everywhere and anywhere (don't be lazy with it make sure its right, Google school resumes/CV's). You can look into how to get a work permit after you've done the rest. 

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    I don't know where you live but where I live a kid gets his/her work permit from the school district. Districts base this on how well the kid is doing in school because they won't allow someone who's struggling academically to take on the additional time suck of a job. Could be things are different where you live. 

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