Are there any countries where homosexuality is illegal that are not either Muslim majority countries or former British colonies?


No, Saut, Kenya was a British colony from 1888 to 1962, and homosexuality was made illegal there in 1897, so under British rule.

Update 2:

To answer my own question, Burundi does seem one example, but are there any others?

Update 3:

@ GrandYeeter

Hmm! Maybe not a British colony exactly, but there was a British Solomon Islands Protectorate.

Update 4:

@ Pompous Harris

No, not unless you are currently living in 1884 or earlier.

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    4 months ago
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    In China and other East Asian countries, homosexuality between consenting adults is legal. But they are heavily restricted. LGBT propaganda is not allowed in media and schools. Most subsaharan African countries that are Christian majority have criminalized homosexuality. But as you said, they may have European influence.

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    4 months ago

    Solomon Islands

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    4 months ago

    Yes. Kenya is one example.

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