Presidential or congressional Bill?

After the President Of The United States (regardless of who it is) or congress passes and bill and it officially becomes law-how much responsibility do you believe the American people have,to make sure that law is being enforced-especially sense the new law could have affect in your life? 

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    Most laws are complex and are given to agencies to enforce.  

    Think of the Securities and Exchange Act as an example.  There are hundreds of thousands of securities (stocks and bond) sales every day, and they all are supposed to comply with the requirements of the law.  To investigate potential violations and determine if the big players are playing by the rules, the law creates the Securities and Exchange Commission which has a substantial staff at its disposal.  In any givien year, the Commission discovers thousands of violations of the law.  The Commission has to decide which ones are sufficiently minor as to only require a warning to the brokerage firm or underwriter or corporation that they need to change their operations (or else).  Others only merit a civil fine.  Some are big enough to warrant criminal charges.  The key thing is that it is impossible for you and me to follow all of these investigations to make sure that the law is being properly enforced in all cases.

    Instead, our responsibility is to -- not just with the Securities and Exchange Act (which is just one part of one title of the U.S. Code) -- make sure that, generally speaking, the Executive Branch has the right priorities in enforcing the laws in all 50+ titles of the U.S. Code (plus all the regulations adopted by the agencies to implement those laws).

  • 4 months ago

    Well at the rate the Democrats are defunding our police officers, who are you going to call to enforce Democratic Congress's (Pelosi's) new laws?

    You can make all the laws you want, but if they are not enforced, they are worthless laws.

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