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Keeping my pets safe from the hot water heater?

I just adopted a cat, and the only place I can really put the litterbox is in the same area where my apartment's hot water heater is. The hot water heater has a wire covered in an insulated rubbery/plastic material and two metal "wires" going from the bottom of the water heater to the knob that says "hot" "warm" "vacation." I am afraid that my cat is going to bite these wires and hurt herself and/or break the water heater. If I cover the insulated wire with electrical tape to protect the wire a bit more from a bite, will the hot water heater still be safe and okay? 


Yes, the cat has a chewing problem with wires and "string" type objects

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  • Phil
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    1 month ago

    I wouldn't worry about the cat.

    I'm worried about why you bought a "hot water heater".

    You don't need to heat hot water.

  • 1 month ago

    your cat will be fine.  those wires are insulated against accidental contact with electricity

  • 1 month ago

    Put the litter box in your bathroom under the sink. Prop Open or temporarily remove 1 of the cabinet doors for kitty access. 1. That's where you go. 2. The damage and cost of repairing or replacing the heater isn't worth it. Cats tend to hit the walls and kick litter out on purpose. Those bare wires going to the thermostat are your power and ground wires. Don't want them damaged.  And cat litter, except clay non scooping original, is flammable. I assume its gas?  Good luck. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The cat stops when it feels tingly in its mouth.

    People stop too, but for them it is way past the tingle part, more into the muscle jerking reaction.

  • drip
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    1 month ago

    My daughter had a lot of trouble with her cat chewing wires. She tried hot sauce did nothing. But dish soap did the trick. 

    I would go to a hardware store and ask what is best to use. 

    If the hot water heater is in a closet that you can shut the door, do so.  And as inconvenient as it maybe find another place for the litter.

    And for a small place I highly suggest using Tidy Cat Breeze system.  Less mess and smell and so much easier to clean.  

  • 1 month ago

    Electrical tape won't harm anything. Just be careful and don't pull the wires out when wrapping it.  put a scratching post there too.  there are also sprays you can buy that advertise they will keep cats away from areas you don't want them.  You could try that.  But don't overdo it.

  • Droopy
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    1 month ago

    Don't worry bout it he chews it then darwinism does its job then you can go get another free cat thats maybe smarter. 

  • 1 month ago

    So, a little insight for you: cats typically don't like eating, chewing on things, or playing where they do their business. They are VERY clean animals. My guest bedroom doubles as the cat room, and they have both litter boxes in there, their cat tree, the guest bed, and some toys. They pretty much only sleep and crap in that room, nothing else. 

    I don't know how your space is set up, but if you can wedge something between the heater and litter box, you can try that. But I honestly don't think she'll mess with anything over there if you're making that her business place. 

  • Rick B
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    1 month ago

    Why would your cat bite those wires??????  You have wires all over your house.  Every electrical device in your home has a cord and plug.  Does your cat run around chewing these???

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