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Why is Cuba's economy in the gutter?

I thought only capitalist economies saw busts.

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  • JuanB
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    1 month ago

    Historically - globaization means all economies are connected and the world economy can boom and bust.

    Currently - COVID19 has most if not all economies in a bust.  

    Tourism is important to Cuba and COVID19 has basically canaclled most international travel plans.  Meanwhile the tourism season is basically over with 5 tropical storms currently headed in Cuba's general direction.  Some of them will be upgraded to hurricanes and some of them will likely hit Cuba.

  • 1 month ago

    Cuba is capitalist. 

  • Zirp
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    1 month ago


    Selfpresenrvation is a useful instinct, but no predator eats twice as much as (s)he needs. A dominant wolf or lion will eat until full, and leave the rest of the prey for the weaker members of the pack

  • Ray
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    1 month ago

    Cuba's centrally planned economy assured peoples essential needs, which is something very common in many bankrupt nations [in South America,Africa, Europe and Asia] but they took it a step further and eliminated private property to cover the expenditure of their government programs. This eliminated the incentive of production, so for decades now they have been rationing and essentially forcing people to work for the little that society has for the ''greater good''. 


    All animals are instinctively greedy with many few exceptions, greed is a vital survival characteristic. Lions growl if you try to take their food, wolfs bite if you try to take their food, insects will sting or swipe if you try to take their food, and people will curse you out if you try to take their food. 


    Socialism/communism ignores the productivity of greed. 


    You and me could live off leftovers in the trash or food stamps, but we would be poor. Greed makes us work 8-5 so we and our families could have more. 


    I had a cat in the mountains i lived in with my chickens, i gave the cat all the food he wanted. He would occasionally kill a rat, but he got fat and would lay around all day, being too fat and lazy to catch rats. Once i saw his fat *** starring at a rat and then going to sleep LOL 

    Way later i found a thin wild cat, i gave him a little bit of food so he would stick around. He cleaned house, killed all the rats and even some small birds. He then left but occasionally returned to get a little bit of food and some of the new rats in the area. He was built thin but very strong.

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  • Oiy
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    2 months ago

    Even the former Soviet Union could go bust. Why not Cuba? It can be wrong with calculation. People have to be on the line for food.

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