For married people did you know he/she is the one? ?

I met someone and once I saw him I feel like we are going to get married ... he could

Only be my husband 


I had before a 10 years relationship that ended with nothing at all... he just broke my heart... so building and working is not as deep as how I feel toward that dude ... 

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    2 months ago
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    My "falling in love story" is admittedly bizarre.  I was at a business conference outside the City where I live.  I was in the coffee shop, and the man in line behind me asked if he could buy my coffee.  I said no thanks.  He asked if I could pay for my own coffee but sit with him while I drank it.  I laughed and said "Okay."  We had coffee together, and he invited me out to dinner that night.  We married 10 years ago 8 weeks from the first time we met.

    Sometimes you just know.

    As far as what other people think, Mark IX being an example, my husband has NEVER thrown the words c*nt, f*ck, around.  That's the difference between a man you marry immediately and someone you date for years and years.  I knew exactly who and what my husband was, just like I well understand Mark.

  • 2 months ago

    How did I know?  That is difficult to answer.  I have given my story before and had nothing but thumbs downs for it because, although completely truthful, people don't want to believe it. 

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