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Why Do People In Canada Keep Their Headlights On When They're Parked On The Street?

One strange thing I've noticed in Canada is that when people are in their cars and they're parked next to the sidewalk.......they will keep their headlights on at full up the whole street. 

But why? Where I'm from, people just turn their headlights off when they're parked. Because every other parked car's headlights are off. And its a waste of power to just keep it on at full brightness for no reason. You only turn it on when you're driving on the road. 

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  • 1 month ago

    If people are in their cars, they're not parked.  They're stopped, dumbass.

  • 1 month ago

    Thoughtlessness, I frequent a drive through taco joint, and like to eat the tacos in the huge parking lot of a closed furniture store. No matter where in that huge lot I park, some idiot inevitably parks with their lights pointed straight at me. I wonder if they do it purposefully.

    I visited Japan and noticed everyone there turns off the headlights while waiting for each red light, just leaving running lights only. I wonder how a habit like that could get started.

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