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I am scared that if I do not do my work on time, I will be fired. What should I do to reduce my stress and work more efficiently?

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    There's a slew of books on productivity and I can't tell you which one is the best. What you can do is type that word into the Amazon search engine and study the reader reviews. Use the filter that shows you all the 5-star, 4-star, etc. reviews and see what the most intelligent readers like and what they hate,

    The best stress management is personal. Deal with the things that are stressing you.

    A really simple but effective thing - the habit of responding to moments of stress by slowing your breath.

    Psychiatrists Brown and Gerbarg, who have published 6 papers on breathing and mental health, recommend a 3-part program of mind-body methods - breathing, meditation, and slow body movement. Incorporate these into your daily life. Be aware of changes in mood and respond mindfully, aware of your breathing. Details here -

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    Other things take some effort but they're very rewarding - things that make your life meaningful, like a good hobby, art, or volunteer work. Taking care of your health with the right exercise, etc. If you go to Metapsychology, you can read a psychologist's review of Dr Steve Ilardi's book ("a splendid book"). He's the therapist who headed a university lifestyle-depression project and developed a program for stress reduction.

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    Do your job instead of constantly checking your phone or computer for face book updates.    You lack discipline to focus on your work.

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    **By going into flight mode.**

    That option in your smartphone that you use only when told to do so by a flight attendant? Use it everyday.

    Everyday, after coming home from work, pretend that you are on a flight for the next 2 hours. Turn off your cellphone connection(s), turn off your laptop. Make yourself inaccessible*.


    Good. Now breathe. Deeper. Repeat for 5 mins.

    *Feeling better?*

    Drink some water. Or some fresh juice. Try and avoid caffeine. 

    *All good?*

    Now, what do you like to do? What is something that makes you happy? Do it.

    If you like to read, open up a book and succumb on the sofa. If you like to work out, put on your jogging shoes. If you like to write, pick up your pen and paper. If you like to cook, turn on the stove. If you like to watch sports, do it. 

    I personally love music, cooking and reading. So, after coming home, I like to put on some edm, house, techno-trance, rock, R&B, garage punk etc, waltz into the kitchen and start chopping and peeling and grating. Or if I want to eat something different, I order, put on some trance, indiefolk, acoustic, or jazz, pick up a book and resume from where I had left off. If it has been a really hectic day, I go down for a walk and/or go to a nearby temple and spend some time there. 

    The idea is to try and compartmentalize at least 2 hours daily for stuff you like, sort of like your personal sanctuary where you are alone with yourself, your thoughts, your feelings. The idea is to make a conscious effort to not allow everyday things (like a job) not overwhelm you. The idea is to give your body and mind some time to recoup and reinvigorate after a long and hectic day. 

    *obviously, not on days when there is something really crucial/urgent expected.

    *P.S. I am currently listening to and howling alongside Johnny Cash and Creedence Clearwater Revival.*

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    Organize your working hours in a way that you are making the most of the time. Seek professional guidance if it goes beyond your control. I would suggest that you spend some time doing meditation and yoga which will help you relax your mind. Read ‘Stress diaries’ by Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh to learn more about how resolve this issue

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