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Hate for Lovecraft but not others?

Everyone is giving cain to lovecraft for being racist, but wasn't Disney an s.o.b?  How many classic films and stories and songs are written by perverts and racists?  Why the specific hate for lovecraft?

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  • Tina
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    3 months ago

    This is because the winners of the World Fantasy Awards were previously presented with a bust of Lovecraft. While his contribution to Fantasy fiction was acknowledged, many people became unhappy with using his image on the awards and it was replaced with a representation of the moon in a tree.

    This gave new life to the Lovecraft controversy. No doubt it will be someone else's turn soon.

  • 3 months ago

    If you read through the statements that Disney made, he reflected what was the common attitude towards race in his day.  He would not have considered himself a racist, nor would most people of that period.  They were holding the common opinion of that day.

    Lovecraft, however, wrote some very very nasty things about race.  Even by the standard of his day, he would have been considered a racist.  Today he would be considered a white supremist in the extreme. 

    Both expressed opinions that we would not concern acceptable today.  The difference is that Disney's opinion was the accepted opinion of that time.  Lovecraft's was not.

  • Elaine
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    3 months ago

    I think the series is pointing out the evils of racism.  What is being lost today is that readers and viewers find it difficult to distinguish something that is actually racist and something that is about racism  

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