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Why did rock music ended with the end of the 2000s?

I just wonder why u2, nickelback, oasis and similar bands are no longer in the charts and the type of music they used to do doesn't seem to be relevant at all. Why did rock and pop rock music decline like this? 

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    With the advent of computers and hiphop and rap and the pussification of the culture in general of the later gen xers and millennials not to mention the advent of tech , smart phones and the dumbing down , mediocracy , and scatter brained modern youth . We have fewer actual musicians . Kids play with their devices instead of dedicating themselves to playing an instrument and non more so than in the States . Not saying there arent talented youth out there but because of virtual companionship theres less human interaction so less kids forming bands . Again tech , computers and the "softening" of the culture . Hell what do I know ? Could be the drugs of the modern era . The industry pallet has changed . Always has and always does from one gen to the other . Ultimately we seem to be regressing and becoming lazier and intellectually apathetic . I will say this though . As far as Im concerned music has really taken a dive . It started going down after the Seattle Grunge Scene in the 90's when it became pop and got ... pussified  !    

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    Rock music didn't end - it still continues with lots and lots of people enjoying it, paying for CDs and downloads and, before Covid19 going to gigs. Many bands from the seventies (and even the sixties)  still play and release new music.

    Many of these bands make a good living releasing CD, DVDs etc. via their websites or independent distributors and dealers.

    Nowadays young people aren't really interested in music: they don't want to buy a band's new album, they just want to hear stuff they already know. They don't LISTEN to music, they just want it as background noise. There are recordings that top the charts that wouldn't have sold enough to get into the charts at all in the 1960s and 70s. 

    Looking at the UK album charts, there are two records by Fleetwood Mac, one by Bob Marley and The Wailers, one by Status Quo, and one by Queen.

    Despite what the media and the record industry has done to try to “kill” classic rock, tock, progressive rock etc. It still survives.

    Oasis disbanded years ago by the way.

  • It ended when bands like REM and Nirvana sold out to major labels in the late 80's and early 90's and sold their souls to MTV, it pretty much put an end to Alternative Music which was the only genre of Rock doing anything interesting in the 80's.

    Since the 90's Rock has just become so boring and derivative and incredibly average bands like The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys are placed on a pedestal by music journalists just trying to recreate a scene that died decades ago.

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    mick jagger is still alive, relax

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    i  think  rock  had  pretty  much  run  it's  course,  by  the  time  the  90's  arrived … nothing  really  'rocked'  afterward.  'rocked' … pun  intended … get  it?

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    There is plenty of rock out there.  As for bands like Nickelback and Oasis...good riddance.  Pop-rock is garbage.

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    It didn't. I listen to a rock station every morning and they often play new music. 

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