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lala asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 5 months ago

Which transit indicate a  marriage for the person  who want o get married ?

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  • Janet
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    5 months ago
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    Transits only indicate what goes on INSIDE of us.  Perhaps a DESIRE to get married but if there is no one TO marry, you won't get married at that time.

    I saw one person with traditional "love of your life" influences, and they got a cat and fell in love with their pet. Seriously.

    And I've seen people with NO romantic aspects fall in love and get married.

    There is a correlation between astrology and what we feel inside. But it cannot predict outer events.

    When it comes to accuracy of predictions, transits are almost entirely psychological and internal, and if there are outer events that correlate, it is used caused BY our inner shift in attitude or behavior.

    Secondary Progressions are much the same.

    Solar Arc Directions, lasting for a year, are MOST likely to correlate with outside events, unlike transits or Progressions. 

    But I have seen little that is useful in any way from Solar Returns or from Lunar Returns.

    Interestingly, back in the 1950's when marriage WAS a woman's "career", my mother (an astrologer) did a research project to see if there were any astrological indications that would suggest marriage. She collected 5,000 birthcharts for people and 5,000 for her "control group" sample.  She had my father (a research scientist) run a Chi Square test on her data results to see if the results were "statistically significant" (not likely due to chance, so probably a cause-and-effect happening) .. and the results were statistically significant. 

    But all she found was the the females' Midheaven (career, reputation, status) was put into the spotlight at the time the woman married (this came from Solar Arc Directions, of the Sun moving to the Natal Midheaven, or the Midheaven moving to the Natal Sun).

    There were no "statisically significant" results for males getting married.

    These days, women no longer see marriage as their career, so I doubt if marriage would still be considered a career promotion for a woman.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    If you want something other than pseudo-psychological astrology, listen up.  There is more going on in this world than what is going in your head.

    "Transits are not enough" That's what my first astrology teacher told me. Think about it, suppose Venus rules your 7th house of marriage. Venus transits every planet and point once every year. You don't get married every year.  

    I'd look at progressions or directions and/or solar returns for an answer to this question. 

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