How can access cpenal of WordPress hosting by computer CMD prompt?

2 Answers

  • 5 months ago

    If you're authorized to access the website you would have access to cpanel. That you're posing the question sends the implication that you're attempting something inappropriate. OR.....  instead of asking how to access cpanel, specify what it is you're wanting to achieve.

  • 5 months ago

    You mean cpanel?  It's almost certain that you can't, .but why would you want to, anyway? 

    If you're trying to copy files to or from the website, there's a free tool called "WinSCP" that will handle both FPTS and SFTP protocols.  One of those (usually SFTP) is preferred by most web hosts.  Plain FTP is insecure and these companies don't like having their servers gunked up by malware and/or illicit files.

    Have a look at their website:

    For anything else in cpanel, like managing domains, subdomains, email accounts, installed software, etc.  you're probably stuck with the web interface. 

    You might be able to do some of that from the command line through a SSH login, if your host provides that as part of your hosting plan.  But then you'd be using a tool like Putty to connect.  The commands would be bash, not CMD or PowerShell.

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