Why is celebrating and embracing your cultural roots applauded as being part of the diversity that enriches America?

Unless you're white. Then you're considered a racist. 

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    If you feel as though your roots are being speculated or critique, express them in private and keep them for yourself, they are still yours and you can be proud

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    They resent European achievement & contribution in shaping the world towards modernity. Proudly preserving one's ethnic Culture, History, Achievements & Contribution should be respected as every ethnicity engages in these behavior no matter how huge or miniscule their cultural impact is in the world. Middle Eastern, (Hebrew, Arabs, Turks, Persians), East Asians, South Asians, & Europeans are very proud groups due to their Ancient History & revolutionary achievements. Middle Eastern Civilization had a head start in building Civilization, but was surpassed by Asians & Europeans shortly after. At the advent of the industrial revolution due to Newcomen & Trevithick's Steam engines, Europe & Europeanized America & Australia left every great civilizations behind, until when China reclaims it, if. Amerindians built their own impressive civilization, but were still far behind middle Eastern, Asians, & Europeans due to the lack of Iron tech/metallurgy, written language & the wheel until contact with Europeans. Sub Sahara Africa was way behind everyone else. Feelings may be hurt, but facts are facts everyone should accept their short comings & others great achievement to grow in maturity & move forward. Europeans, Asians, Levant, Persians, Turks, South Asians, Amerindians, Sub Saharans bicker, discriminates, insults, & wage war among themselves since ancient times. Currently in the USA only Sub Saharans & mestizos are allowed to be prejudice & discriminatory benefiting from the Generosity, Sympathy, & Tolerant Altruist nature of European descents either by self-righteous narcissism (glory hounds) or genuine loving kindness.

    When the majority of the collective behaves in a negative light towards others & themselves through criminal act & behaviors that are unacceptable for anybody, without discipline, opposition, & punishment from their own collective, justifying the stereotype, especially when the act or behavior is glorified, celebrated & encourage by the collective it adds to negative stereotypes & sentiments. In all society, guest or visitors must behave themselves before the host, other wise they are abusing, disrespecting, provoking the host hospitality & restraint.

    Positive sentiment adds to positive stereotypes when a majority behave honorably, with great restraint, discipline, self reliance, humility, courtesy, & honesty. Discriminatory prejudice has always been a form of distrust & protective awareness (caution) to keep oneself from being victimized, swindled, used, robbed, mugged, raped, beat downs or murdered. Anti-Naivete to keep at a distance, separate, self preservation that all tribes of all nationality even animals engages in.

    Trying to paint Bigotry, Discrimination, Hate & Tribalism (only self reliance, honor, humble, honest, wisdom & kindness can suppress) as inherently European is false as such behavior is human animal nature along with slavery started with Early humans in East Africa when early humans expanded into separate tribes competing for territories & limited food resources. Journalist Keith Richburg Author of Out of Africa 'Thanked God for Slavery' bringing his ancestors to the USA.

    The practice of slavery was universally accepted world wide for 10,000+ years. African's, Amerindians, Middle Easterners... committed massacre's to acquire slaves. Abolitionist Shakers, Anabaptist, & (R)s viewed it as something that shouldn't be practiced any longer, while the (D)s viewed it as an accepted practice sanctioned & allowed by god since Biblical Abraham. Both side felt they were in the right, but (R) abolitionist ideals won. Socialist & BLM Supremacist are labeling all descendant of European descent (including arrivals after 1865-2020 half descendent from emancipated serfs) as eternally racist because the Founding Fathers bought slaves from Africans that Europids later emancipated.

    Serfdom, Caste, & Chattel were 3 types of slavery practiced. Serfdom was when the family or clan & their descendants within the land owned by a lord or lords are enslaved by whom ever owns the land or who it falls to. Chattel Slavery is what revisionist claim was exclusive in the Americas only. Chattel Slavery have been practiced in Ancient Rome, the Middle East & Africa before Columbus. In the 7th Century Islam turned the male Congoid Chattel Slaves into eunuchs. Just like in pre-Civil War USA, Slave owners in ancient Rome can free their slaves. In Islam the slave has to convert to Islam, but great exemplary sacrifice to the nation's society was required (militaristic conquest/defense). Trans-Atlantic & East Arabian Slave trade, Arabs, Arabize Congoids, & hunt/gather Congoid Kingdoms or Villages did the dirty work of massacring 1/2-2/3rds of the villages they raid or conquer to obtain the slave. Caste slavery is probably the worst form of slavery where a clan or entire tribe & their descendants are restricted to only one profession for the rest of their existence. In present day India intermarriages between couples in different caste can lead to Honour Killings carried out by their 1st of Kin.

    The Global Abolition of Slavery Started with European descent from the Late 1700s to the late 1800s. In the US it was the Quakers along with the Anabaptist that started the abolition movement that was achieved in 1864. Brazil, Cuba, & Others followed in 1890s. The Union states having won the war against the rebel states abolished slavery. Since the founding of the U.S.A half of the U.S. had been anti-slavery, but had to work with the slave state for independence, strength & security from possible foreign threats abroad or across land borders. When the confederate secede all bets were off. If the Confederate states had won secession then the slaves victoriously rebelled, then the Confederate states would be obliged to give up power, territorial control, property & even women to ravage like in Haiti's revolution.

    The push to abolished slavery world wide would not have been expedient if the US Civil War hadn't Happen. England abolished slavery in the late 1700s (Serfs)- early 1800s (Congoid). Russia abolished slavery & emancipated Russian Serfs (Europid Slaves/Slavs as Eastern Europe didn't have African Slaves) in 1862. USA Abolished Slavery in 1864. Brazil abolished slavery in 1890s but continued it with the Xingu Amazonian Tribes through 1920s for rubber. The Russian waves of Immigrants in the late 1800s & early 1900s before the 1914 Russian Revolution were most likely former Russian Serfs/Slaves turned indentured servants. European slaves existed since 3K BC & there were European Slaves up to 1880s in Turkey when the Sultan abolished slavery for Europeans (mostly Crimean, Circassian, Ukrainian & Slavic States) & Congoid Slaves. When Russia turned Communist after the Russian Revolution: Royals, Nobles, Aristocrats, commoners, & former Serfs were subjugated into state bondage forcibly or voluntarily. Southern Europeans in Spain were enslaved for 800 years until the late 1400s when the Moors were expelled from Spain. European slaves gradually got their freedom before WWI, but could've persisted until 1964 when Saudi Arabia Abolished Slavery. Europeans growing strength from their technology & push to abolished slavery globally likely convinced Islamic states in N. Africa & Arabia to end caste/chattel slavery in 1964 with the exception of Mauritania where it continued until 2007, but slavery continues in N. Africa, Yemen, Sahel... as Al Jazeera reported just 5 years ago.

    Before the Portuguese sailed around Africa & set up trading ports with costal Bush kingdoms. Africa was the "worst" continent for Congoids & Capoids. Tribal warfare controlled population through sacrificial ceremonies that may involved having to consume sacrificial offerings, a practice that still exist. Joshua Blayhi (Gen. Butt Naked) being notorious for conducting these sacrificial ceremonies as its High Priest in Liberia (VICE: Cannibal Warlords). In Tanzania Albinos, mostly children, are killed for their body parts as charms, souvenirs, & even consumed in the same manner that Gorilla hands and feet are sold as charms or souvenirs, the rest being consumed in the beliefs of gaining some powers.


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    With the arrival of Arabs (1000CE-1100CE) in the interior of Sub Sahara then Europeans (1500CE), it became more profitable for Congoid bush kingdoms to sell rival bush kingdoms, tribes, criminals, & peasantry. After abolition of slavery swept Europe, N. Americas, then central & S. America 20-40 years later Congoid bush Kingdoms, later republics, still had a reliable slave trading partner with Arab & Arabize nations for another 100-140 years (Saudi Arabia (1964), UAE (64), Zanzibar (64), Mauritania 2007). The most famous slave market was in Egypt well into the 60s. Sunni Islamists ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram... brought back slavery in their territory & Caliphate. Europids tried to develop Sub Sahara Africa. Now China tries to finish where Europeans left off.

    Congoid world population grew from less than 30 million to 1 billion+ from 1500-2020 because of Europid Privilege: industrialization, science, technology, medicine, food preservation, academics, economics, 'Out of Africa' & Europid pursuit to abolishing slavery. Prior to the end of the US CIVIL WAR, the US had 3.5-4 million slave population owned by 1%+ of the free population of 40 million at the end of US Civil War. 28% of Louisiana & Mississippi had Congoid plantation & Slave owners. Congoids replaced the Caribbean Amerind population. US Congoid population grew 20x than the Amerindian population from 4 million (1864) to 40+ million (2020).

  • Mark
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    3 months ago

    It's not.  The only problem is people who say "my culture is BETTER than other people's".  You just sound like a whiny, Protestant, white, male. (Nailed it in one.)

  • 3 months ago

    White ppl

    celebrating their cultural roots isn't diversity because their culture is the default in America (when referring to celebrating their whiteness and not the country they're from or something like that). Ppl of other races, however, are celebrating diversity when they embrace their culture because they aren't the default.

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  • 3 months ago

    Yeah, I notice that nobody's able to celebrate their Irish heritage during st patties day because the country has decided that cerebrating Irish heritage is racist......SAID NOBODY EVER.    


    Want more facts and evidence?

    White people are constantly celebrating their cultural roots, Ancestry.com is one of the most successful companies in the world and they have nonstop TV commercials about white people finding their heritage.  Nobody calls them racist.  

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