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Should the Air Force and Army train their soldiers in zero gravity chambers?


Preparing for infantry battle sin outer space for the future Source: Enders Game Battle School.  Orson Scott Card

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    The US Space Force is responsible for outer space activities in relation to military affairs.  The AF is currently supporting the Space Force in their activities and currently does some zero gravity activities by flying aircraft in special flight paths. There are currently NO "zero gravity CHAMBERS" similar in concept to "high altitude chambers". I've taken "dives" in a US Air Force  hyperbaric chamber so I can understand your excitement about training techniques in the expanding world of the Space Patrol today.

    However, sadly the US Army has no mission in relation to outer space activities. So therefore the US Army wouldn't be detailing any of its soldiers for outer space activities. Though, if a need for the "Door Gunner" in space flights develops, the US Army might offer retraining and cross assignment of soldiers to the US Space Force.

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    what a wast we wont be fighting wars in space for another 100Years 

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    and what is a zero gravity chamber?

  • 3 months ago

    zero gravity chambers?

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    How about we fix this planet,  before we start polluting outer space with our stupidity and weapons. 

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    There are no zero gravity chambers.

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    The Air Force does not have any Soldiers.  Only the Army does. The Air Force has Airmen,

    The Navy has Sailors and Seals.  The USMC has Marines.

    Why train in Zero Gravity Chambers??  We don't have an enemy out in space.

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    I think the idea of army training is to prepare your soldiers for the type of combat that they can be expected to fight in 

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