Can anyone explain this childhood memory to me? It's really weird?

In the early 1990s (my birth year is 1992) i was in bed one night at my parents' house in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK where we were living at the time. I had a scary dream that i went downstairs to the kitchen and stared at the mug holder until i heard the sound of the kitchen draws opening. I then looked at the kitchen draws to see them opening by themselves. I saw knives come flying out then come towards me and start slicing at me. The nightmare then ended and i woke up but it was a really scary thing that i dreamt, especially at the age that i was at the time as at the time i was still quite little and not grown up like i am now. Can anyone explain this childhood memory to me? It's really weird

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  • 4 months ago

    Probably u had it when u were 4 or 5 or 6 but u just don’t remember becoz we start having a memory starting the age of 4, anyway the age is not the problem it’s not a common thing but because the Dream was a lucid dream it seems like it felt so real and u can’t forget it till today but u have to know that sometimes our memory can fool us like maybe u r exaggerating  in the details of the dream (I’m not saying u r lying, but u really remember details that ur mind made it up during the years) anyway it was just ur first nightmare so u can’t get over it 

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